Separation Anxiety Certified Trainer



Home Alone?  YES!


In our latch-key society more and and more pet dogs are presenting with home-alone issues.  Does your dog:

  • Chew furntiture?
  • Dig and rip carpet, chew doorframes, try to escape?
  • Injure her or himself? Lick constantly until sore?
  • Eliminate in the house?
  • Whine, bark, howl when you leave?
  • Pace and pant?

As devastating as it is to come home to destruction or even injury, one can only imagine the fright, stress, and anxiety your companion is experiencing just because her favorite person isn't home.  Should it be determined that your dog is presenting with separation distress, I can help.  With an appropriate behavior modification protocol and (often times) veterinary intervention, there can be a successful outcome.


Working with separation distress takes a lot of patience. You'll agree to an initial time committment for the startup training, and as a CSAT (Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer), I'll  commit to supporting and guiding you throughout the behavior-modification process. I will teach you about your dog's body language and what it tells you, and help you understand how that relates to your training program. With the use of online technology (webcams and smartphones), I'll monitor your dog in real time and give immediate feedback!  Being part of a team dedicated to providing the best possible outcome for your dog, I have a network of certified separation anxiety trainers at the ready to answer the tougher questions and to suss out more complex cases.  You truly couldn't be in better hands.


"Deb is a miracle worker! For the first time in 2 years we can leave our little Gilly alone in our apartment without her creating a disturbance for our neighbors. While we are still building her tolerance, this is the first time we have seen any progress with Gilly and it has only been 9 weeks. After trying four different trainers and vet behaviorists that held themselves out as "trained" in separation anxiety (plus every other "solution" under the sun), I can tell you Deb is the real deal. She makes herself widely accessible through video and phone, so working with her in NYC from her home in Las Vegas was a breeze. We highly recommend Deb!"  - Emily Several


Want help? Anyone, anywhere can begin the process by filling out this questionnaire:


I will get back to you via email (usually within 24-48 hours) with an available time slot to chat and get started.  This phone chat will give you an overview of what to expect and should you decide to proceed with training, we'll schedule a more lengthy video phone consult and include a video assessment of your dog.


Meet the team:


Initial phone consultation with video assessment:  $125

1st Month Beginning Package:  $740


5 days per week includes:


  1. A weekly, online-video assessment with you and your dog to see how you are progressing. This is where I tweak your homework and watch for tell-tale body language!
  2. Homework Missions written based on your daily written observations.
  3. Continued support, guidance, troubleshooting and coaching using our shared documents, and email.  Feedback is specific to you!
  4. Support and scheduling based on your daily life and needs.


Initial video assessment and 4-week package are billed separately. 

All fees are paid in advance of services and can be invoiced via PayPal (to Friends and Family) or Zelle bank transfer for your convenience.  There are no refunds.


Appointments are reserved only upon payment.  Fees for Sep/Isolation Distress are billed separately from any other training/behavior services from Happy Tails Family Dog Training.


*Should you take more than a week break in-between 4-week packages, another "initial" video assessment will be necessary and you will be charged at the $125 rate.


If you do not already have one in place, you will need to purchase and set up a webcam to be able to monitor your dog in real time.  This will be necessary once your dog has the ability to be alone.  There are many wi-fi cameras available; some function better than others.