Deb and theWendy Darling

Deborah Manheim CDBC, CCUI, CSAT, CPDT-KA, CC - Academy for Dog Trainers


Reinforcement-based dog training in and around

Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada


Deb believes that education is the key to fostering and furthering the bonds between dogs and humans, and that owners have the responsibility to manage and train their dogs humanely.  The partnerships created should be founded on trust and cooperation, not fear.  Helping to set you and your dog up for early success, Deb teaches a simple method that you will be able to master quickly and a technique that you will be able to apply to anything you would like to teach your dog to do in the future.


Having taken the 1st national dog trainer's certification exam given by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) in 2001, she was awarded her CPDT-Knowledge Assessed.  She is also a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), and was named Certified Dog Behavior Consultant by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) in 2005.   In 2013 Deb completed the online course in Applied Behavior Analysis from Utah State University with Dr. Susan Friedman, and the Behavior Adjustment Training intensive instructor's course for reactive and fearful dogs with Grisha Stewart. 


Upon completion of a 3-month intensive course in 2015, Deb became certified in working with Separation and Isolation Distress in dogs.  She has earned the initials, CSAT - Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer.


May 31, 2020  Deb received her Control Unleashed Instructor Certification.  She proudly adds the initials CCUI to the end of her name!   Call for more information on how you can engage your dog's mind, build your dog's connection to you, and teach your dog a new way to behave and adapt in environments that cause them conflict.




Deb continues her education by attending national conferences, seminars, and workshops in areas of behavior modification and clicker training.  She is available for speaking engagements on various topics concerning training and behaving.  Interested?  Have a topic in mind?  Contact me