Dog Training that's Fun, Fast, and Effective!

Prevent Problem Behavior with Early Training!



Begin your dog's training when it's easiest and before bad habits are formed. 

  • Private Lessons in Your Home - What are your goals?
  • Clicker Training - Our preferred method.  We train with reinforcers!
  • In-Home Behavior Consultations - Housetraining to Fearfulness.
  • Outdoor Group Classes - Public Pet, Loose Leash Walking, Whistle-In!, more!
  • Phone Consultations - For those that are too far away.
  • New Owner Puppy Prep - What to expect, what to prepare for, how to manage!
  • Board and Training - In my home for basic skills and housetraining.
  • Day Training - Scheduled, in your home, I train your dog and pass it on to you!

"I cannot tell you how impressed I am by how easy you make everything look and then it really is easy to follow up. And your follow-up emails are priceless!!"  LH


Happy Tails can help you discover your dog's talents and help you create a life-long friendship at the same time.  With patience and practice there is no limit to what you can train your dog to do!



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