On-line Separation Anxiety Course

  • Are you worried that your dog may be suffering from Separation Anxiety, isolation or separation distress?
  • Are you not in a financial position to be able to work one-on-one for the long term?
  • Do you enjoy working with a self-paced online format?
  • Might you be interested in working with your dog daily while getting guidance from your trainer from time to time?

This program contains 20 easy to follow video modules that will guide you through each stage of your training journey.  You'll learn what Separation Anxiety is, how to assess whether or not your dog suffers from it, and how to set up daily training plans to help him or her overcome it.


The course format will provide you with ongoing support by moving into each module as you progress with training, and you will forever have access to a private Facebook support group.


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Go directly to this link to sign up!