What people are saying...  and what people have said!

"While a doctorate student at UNLV, I researched the impact of the human-canine relationship on training and behavior modification. I recently played decoy for Deborah during a reactive dog training session, and I must say, I was impressed! She had a thorough understanding of both the dog’s and owner’s needs, and provided clear instruction that the owner could easily implement without causing additional distress to her dog. She was supportive of both ends of the leash, teaching them how to work as a team to deal with the behavior challenge at hand. As a behavior consultant and educator, I would recommend anyone to work with Deborah!” -S Volsche Ph.D.

"We've been working on training with Grace twice a day since you were here - and guess what???  The garage door was open and she ran out the inside door behind me - I called "Gracie, Come" and she turned around and ran right back to me!!!!  I couldn't believe it.  There was a plumber in the garage and he was really impressed and said - "dogs don't usually do that..."  So I told him - We have a great trainer!"  -T & CB

"A real pro...well worth it!   Deborah is reliable...accessible...thorough...and very knowledgeable about dog behavior.  She's a gifted teacher/trainer who is willing to take on the challenging dogs as well as the easier ones.  I happen to have both kinds.  She has helped me with puppy basics for my 6-month old female dog and also with specialized homework for some tough behaviors in my 2-year old male dog.  Thanks to Deborah, I have turned a corner; I'm no longer in a slump with him.  Deborah has helped me to really improve my relationship with this active and affectionate but needy, over-reactive dog.  Now when I go out and walk with him, I'm less anxious and I'm growing increasingly confident.  My dog and I are having more positive experiences that we can expect again and again.  And, I trust that with Deborah's continued input, my puppy will also mature into an enjoyable, well-mannered and happy dog.  I could say more, but instead I'll just say that if you're looking for a dedicated, kind, and supportive dog trainer who knows what she's doing...then hire her." -CM

"L & H are coming along very well in training and they seem to remember things quickly, even the next day.  The loose-leash walking is a bit trickier, but we are committed!  The clicker is so easy and effective-so happy with it!  Given that H was previously abused by a male, my husband has taken over most of his training and they are really seeming to bond (which is the most rewarding part).  H no longer shies away from G which is a huge change.  We saw an immediate reaction to your highly effective and simple methods.  Both dogs are anxious to please and love the training.  We like that it only takes a few minutes at a time!  We look forward to continuing to work with you." 
"Osito is doing so well! We had guests this weekend, one being a very tall male; orchestrated it as we spoke of and everything went so well. No Osito anxiety, no bit guests. I work with them each day as I can and they are both improving."  -M. Gill


"Thank you so much!  We practiced yesterday too on a walk to a park.  He did really well.  I am so excited to work with him now!" -M. Sotero


"Deb - Thanks for all of your help. It was fascinating to watch you work. Penny used her dog door last night, I did not have to get up in the middle of the night and we did not have to leave the back door open all night. Great job. Patty and I have reinforced the behavior several times by me taking her in the backyard and Patty meeting her inside with food right at the dog door. Penny now thinks of this as a game. Patty is thrilled that this issue was resolved so quickly, as am I." -C. Braunlich


"Thank you for your endless patience and encouragement." -CL


"I am sooo happy to say your advice was perfect.  I took each dog separately out to the street to meet my friend's Pom.  We walked next to each other.  First Roxy, and she really behaved well, then Pepper, and last, Obie.  There all were easily called off.  By the second day, the Pom was let into the other side of the house and she integrated with my dogs.  No incidents, and they all just kind of walked around together.  Then we all went on walks, and Roxy kept the pack together.  I was so pleased to see that my dogs could accept another dog in to the house.  Thank you so much for telling me how to introduce them properly.  It worked!" -KE


"Just wanted to give you a Junior update: He's doing very well...much more relaxed and lazy...a proper Pug!" -GJ


"We understand each other a whole lot better now! It's been fun!" -SP


"I felt so much better after talking with you yesterday.  You are such a positive force!" -AB


"We really enjoyed and benefited from your patient and enlightening instruction." -BW


"Hi Deb!  You are a miracle worker!  None of the dogs have had any accidents at all!  Mixi is like a different puppy, she hasn't been biting us or the other dogs.  Everything is running much smoother.  Thank you so much for your help.  It  seems you are as much a human trainer as you are a puppy trainer.  It's nice to have well-behaved dogs." -JM


"Thank you so much for all of the help and training...I really feel like what we learned we can use every day all the time.  I'm so grateful."



"Many thanks...That would be the equivalent of a click and a hot dog, no?!" -JB


"You are truly devoted to your work with lots of love and patience." -AM


"We hired Deborah when Bijou was 6 months old to teach him some basic manners.  She was very knowledgeable, respectful, patient, and kind with our puppy who enjoyed her company right away.  Bijou thought   Deb was the most fun person he had ever met...and learned all the tricks very quickly because she made the sessions so engaging.  Deborah taught us well and her teachings were long lasting and very effective as Bijou went on to become a therapy dog passing all his tests with ease.  Since Deb's gentle clicker training, 5 years ago already, Bijou has no need for further training.  He knows all his commands through voice or hand signal.  He is a joy to be around and very well mannered.  Thank you Deborah!" -CC


 "Just had to let you know; I think this class is the best thing I have EVER done for the two of us. Thank you, thank you.” -KN 


"I just wanted to let you know that whatever we did during puppy class, it is paying off big time!" -AS


"Training with you was one of the best things that ever happened to me!" -BA


"I enjoy the way you teach and care about how we (I) learn." -PB


"I really appreciate your advice and suggestions.  The information you have given me is practical and not difficult to do." - M


"Have I got a great update for you!  Peanut has been doing really well, infact extremely well, since we met with you.  The big news is that last night we walked out of the house to take our evening stroll - and we quickly ran into the security guard - large man, big bulky jacket, and a hat - but Peanut ignored him and kept on walking.  It was unbelieveable!  I can not tell you how wonderful it feels to see him so engaged and happy." -MS


"Today is the one-year anniversary of adopting my dog and I have to tell you that the last couple of months since having worked with you, have been the best." -MS
"I wanted to share my joy of her (Zoe's) progress!   I am so proud of her and how far she has come.  She has been responding to her name almost consistently!!  She had severe hearing loss up until she was 11 months old! This is huge for me and I thank you!" -VB
"He is doing well, and is settling down. He sits before going out, or in, or in the dog yard, etc.  He sits and cooperates with me when I put the harness on him.  I hold it and he puts his head through it, waits for me to buckle it. He absolutely does not pull with the harness.  He is happily getting into the car again.  He is a wonderful dog, and I really appreciate all of your good advice and your skill as a dog trainer." -PP
"Luna is doing very well.  It has taken time and patience as you said it would.  Thanks again for all your help and expertise.  I would recommend you within a second." -JJ
"Hi Deb, I remember when our Harley was new to our family and you came to help him with training to live with his sisters...What fun we had!!  He has brought so much joy to our home.  I thank our wonderful pet sitter for her recommendation." -PB
"Hi Deb,  I had a great time meeting you.  You are so positive and caring it is no wonder that Dolly picked up what you were teaching her.  We practice every day for about 5 minutes.  I am amazed at how quickly she is picking up the directions.  I am so glad that my vet suggested you.  I feel like we are going to be great friends." -LH
"I just wanted to thank you for wonderful advice.  You truly are compassionate and caring and beyond a doubt knowledgeable when it comes to our four legged family members.  I had tried many avenues and spoke with numerous people only to be told that since one of my dogs attacked the other it would always happen and my only option would be to rehome one of them.  I just didn't feel that was a good option for us and was grateful to be referred to you by Best Friends Animal Society.  You were such a blessing and wonderful to work with.  I truly value your advice on training and behaviors and we look forward to working with our dogs to make this situation a thing of the past.  We hope to work with you in the future and will be sending you everyone we come across that has any type of animal training needs!  Thank you again for your time and concern.  We could not be more grateful.  We will be in touch!" -SK
"I did what we talked about with Ziva & the neighbor dogs, and it worked great!  I could hardly get her to leave me, and she was much calmer :-).  The only time I verbally cued her was to send her to go check out the neighbor dogs.  She kept offering running around the chair (which was on the way to the corner of the yard where she goes to "check out" the neighbor dogs) instead of obsessing about the distracting dogs.  She also offered laying down on her mat, and sit/eye contact.  Using better tasting treats and waiting until it was her idea really made a big difference!  Thank you :-)." -CS