PetVet!  A new class is forming!

Las Vegas Dog Sports and I are teaming up to offer this wonderful handling class for routine vet care!  Being proactive and training your dog to accept and enjoy routine husbandry will benefit your dog, you, and your vet! 


Your dog can become  an active participant in the training.  Teach your dog to accept and enjoy being held, brushed, vaccinated!  Watch your dog learn to tell you that she's ready for you to clean her ears or give her eye drops!  Nail trims a hassle?  Dog afraid of the shiny, metal scale?  Are vets scary?


Using modern training methods, you'll enjoy the cooperative relationship you create!


Classes start at 10am on October 12th.  Grand opening pricing! 

Location:  272 So. Decatur Blvd (just off of I-95 near Meadows)


Dogs of all ages are welcome however they must be vaccinated and in good health! 


6-week class:   $150/dog


For information and registration:


Entire training session