Fees for Services



Behavior consultations | Pre-Puppy | Initial Pet Training | Single Hourly Lessons



  • Behavior Consultation: Specific problem behaviors.  $225/2 hours
  • Initial Puppy Set Up: $225/2 hours mechanical skills and training $225/2 hours
  • Pet-Training Package: Fundamentals.  5-lesson packages $495 Paid and scheduled in advance. Must be concluded within 3 months from purchase - no refunds.
  • Single Pet-Training hourly:  $115/hour targets specific skills.
  • Travel fee $10 per lesson (25 miles from home office) added to fee
  • Zelle Bank Transfer is available for your convenience.  Cash and personal checks accepted.


Isolation / Separation Distress

  • Initial phone contact and video assessment: 
  • 4-week training and guidance packages:     
  • Payment via Zelle Bank Transfer is required before start of package.  No refunds.
  • Video assessment and packages are billed/paid separately.
  • Go to  Separation/Isolation Distress  and fill out the form to get started! 


Overnight Pet Sitting