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"The degree to which a behavior reduction procedure preserves learner control is essential to developing a standard of humane, effective practice."  Dr. Susan Friedman

"The speed in which a dog responds to your cues is not about control, it is a reflection of reinforcement-history and trust."  Sarah Owings

"Everything is a pattern game."  Deb Manheim

"It is my job to put the animal in a situation where she can learn what I want her to know as quickly and easily as possible."  Sue Ailsby

"Every behavior we train has emotion attached."  Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, Clicker Expo 2015

  • Happy is a function of a reinforcement contingency
  • Fear is a function of an escape contingency
  • Anxious is a function of an avoidance contingency
  • Frustration is a function of an extinction contingency

"Dogs are 100% their reinfrocement history."  Kathy Sdao, Clicker Expo 2015

"Where is your dog's bliss?"  Sarah Owings Clicker Expo 2015

Here is an amazing blog post from Eileen Anderson, The 2014 Academy for Dog Trainers winner of "Academy Applause," for her outstanding contributions to the world of dog training! 

"Replace correction with instruction"  Dr. K. Westlund