Control Unleashed - Conversation Fundamentals 

Taught by me, Deb Manheim, Certified Control Unleashed Instructor.


What is Control Unleashed(TM) ?  Leslie McDevitt put forth a thoughtful program consisting of structured training exercises to help dogs focus on repetitive tasks while triggers are slowly folded into the mix.  Everything is done sub-arousal threshold giving the learner a chance to be thoughtful about what is going on in his/her environment. Read about Control Unleashed exercises in her books: Control Unleashed Creating a Focused and Confident Dog, Control Unleashed The Puppy Book, and Control Unleashed Reactive to Relaxed.  Learn the basics of how to help your dog manage in the face of sometimes overwhelming situations that s/he may find too scary or too exciting. 

  • 1,2,3 games! How to get from one place to another.
  • Superbowls!  How your dog can tell you when she's ready to move forward.
  • Matwork and Being Still.  Teaching your dog to calm while on her safe place.
  • Teach your dog to take deep breaths as part of a bio feedback, slow-thinking, program. 
  • Using reorienting in everyday practice.   Dogs that can re-connect and look for you is an essential piece of any dog's training.
  • Whiplash turns with Name Game.  For great recalls.
  • Playing Give Me a Break - a focus game for challenging environmnents.

Sounds like something you'd like to do?  Stay tuned for the next class offereing.


  • Dogs with bite histories (dog to human or dog to dog) may or may not be a good fit for this class. To discuss, email me at and be sure to include your phone number.
tWendy learns to Take a Breath