SAFETY and PEACE of MIND!   Overnight Pet Sitting

I will stay at YOUR home monitoring and caring for your dogs the way YOU want and the way you expect.  Your dogs can relax and be comfortable in their own home while you are away.  By appointment.


Your dog will be supervised by me!

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Licensed by the State of Nevada  #NV20141015764

Insured by Business Insurers of the Carolinas  USA 841178-02359-29


  • Basic Overnight 6pm to 6am
    • Elimination breaks, dinner, playtime, breakfast
    • All diets are prepared according to your instructions.
    • Mail can be brought in, indoor plants watered, used dishes washed, bed made, used linens laundered, elimination area scooped when used during my contracted time, and garbage taken out.
    • Your home is secured per your instructions.
  • Extra daytime pet visits can be arranged by me or another pet sitter of your choice.
  • Initial visit required to ascertain compatibility and liability waiver signed. 
  • Keys will be returned after contracted dates of service.  They are usually mailed within a day or two of your return.
  • Cash and checks accepted. 

Price Breakdown

Basic 12-hour 6pm to 6am (up to 2 dogs) within 20 miles from 89144

More than 2 dogs Add $10 each dog
Travel distance over 20 miles from 89144 Add $15
Medications (pills) and supplements at mealtimes

No charge

I do not offer intravenous fluids or injections as I am not licensed as a Veterinary Technician. N/A